Fly-fishing on the Fuscher Ache

Good fishing

Thanks to its top-quality water, described as a gem in the Tauern, the Fuscher Ache inveigles all fly-fishers and those who want to become one.


This meditative and exciting challenge is a unique adventure.

Dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers can be used as bait. 


It is not just worth taking a look into the water, but the impressive mountains in Salzburger Land, which are a continual presence. 

Fuscher Ache – whooshing currents and twittering birds

From the Tauerngasthof bridge, heading into the valley, there is a natural section spanning some 7km, which features the water body structures that all fly-fishers look for. Fast flowing at the start, then crossing into deep troughs – an ideal topography for anyone who wants to combine nature, tranquillity and technical fishing, in a harmonious manner.

Information about fishing in Salzburger Land

Webcam fishing waters on the Fuscher Ache

Our webcam provides the latest daily pictures from the fishing waters in the Fuscherache:



Fishing folder Fuscher Ache, with route overview

Fishing regulations

  • Fly section: Entire water body area
  • Removal route: 20 km from the mouth of the Fuscher Ache in the Salzach to Trauneralm bridge in Käfertal.
  • Fly section: without exception, only with fly-fishing equipment and single hooks (Close barbed hook).
  • Fishing season: Fuscher Ache: 1 April to 31 October every year, Käfertal (from  Tauernhaus bridge)  Sulzbachtal and Weichselbach: 1 April to 30 September every year.
  • Daily times: from 6:00 - 21:00.
  • Day tickets: 16 + 
  • Removal: permitted as per fishing rules! Catch limit, three salmonids per day, per day card pass.


Grayling: 1 January to 31 May from 35 cm (Käfertal closed year-round)

Brown trout: 1 October to 1 March, from 30 cm

Speckled trout + Rainbow: no closed season from 30 cm, can be taken throughout the district area.

Lake trout: 1 October to 31 March, from 50 cm

Legal provisions from the state fisheries association apply to all other types of fish.



  • Fishing in all tributaries, excluding Sulzbach and Weichselbach
  • Fishing from bridges and all weir systems !!!
  • Navigating Ferleitental is not permitted for guest card fishermen/women from the barrier system - without exception!

Swell from weirs and power station areas!!!

Instructions will be provided via the fishing regulations and about any possible dangers arising from fluctuations in water levels: power station operations (Bärenwerk) in Fusch (swell), weir control system, reservoir (Bärenwerk) in Ferleiten, weir 1 and weir 2, Kraftwerk Hermann & Müller in Bruck.

Obligation to record daily takings of fish,  for all fish caught in the closed season and undersized fish (which have been put back). Upon reaching the daily catch limit, the fishery in that area of water is to be informed immediately. Details about fish taken from the removal area is to be recorded straight away!


Day tickets:

Member Fuscherache fisheries association       35 EUR
Non-members or guests                                        45 EUR
Guests with Bruck Fusch guest card                   39 EUR
2-day ticket with guest card                                  78 EUR

4-day ticket with guest card                                  117 EUR
7-day ticket with guest card                                  156 EUR


Official fishing card:
per day                                                                      7 EUR                         

7 days                                                                       13.50 EUR                

14 days                                                                     21.40 EUR


Family ticket: "His and Her's Fishing" + 1 child free (up to the age of 15)

Family ticket for guests                                         61 EUR
Family ticket for guests

(with Bruck/Fusch guest card)                            56 EUR
Family ticket for members                                   51 EUR

NEW for this year: Spin fishing water area, fishing card sales for Salzach and Seekanal

New for this year:  Spin fishing water area fishing cards for Salzach and Seekanal


Available from 01 March until 30 November 2020

In Fusch: Hotel Restaurant Lampenhäusl, Tel: +43 6546 215

In Bruck: Gasthof Zacherlbräu, Tel: +43 6545 7242






Cooperation with Bräurup

The "Felbercombi" in cooperation with Bräurup is a hit.
Hintersee, Felberbach, Stubach and Sallzach from Mittersill (Felberbach inlet) to Hollersbach (bridge).

"FLY ONLY" plus Hollersbach reservoir Day ticket for guests from Bruck and Fusch, with no removal, 35 EUR.


Information available directly from fishery association chairman Hubert Edlinger:

Tel: +43 644 3840866


Transfer to Käfertal

Available on request:

In Ferleiten Wildlife & Adventure Park and

Gasthof Tauernhaus Ferleiten

Tel: +43 6546 220

Tel: +43 664 1580100


Information and Prices – Fishing in Lake Zell

More detailed information about fishing in Lake Zell is available in the following folder:


In the holiday towns of Bruck and Fusch, between the Grossglockner and Lake Zell, nestling in the Hohe Tauern National Park holiday region, there are ideal accommodation providers for your fishing holiday.


Five guesthouses, B&Bs and hotels, and two partner businesses specialise in meeting the needs of guests for whom fishing is heaven on earth. Your day's catch will be prepared in their kitchens in an unfussy, delicious manner, with a great deal of attention to detail.


'Good Fishing', maybe we'll see you soon at one of our accommodation providers in Bruck and Fusch.

Tourist Information Bruck

Raiffeisenstraße 2

A-5671 Bruck Glocknerstraße

Tel: +43 6545 7295 



Gasthof Zacherlbräu ***

Glocknerstraße 14

A-5671 Bruck Glocknerstraße

Contact: Mr Thomas Huber

Tel: +43 6545 7242



Hotel Lukashansl ***

Salzburgerstraße 1

A-5671 Bruck Glocknerstraße

Contact: Mayr family

Tel: +43 6545 7458


Tourist Information Fusch

Zeller Fusch 85

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Tel: +43 6545 7295



Feriendorf Ponyhof & Wellness ****

Zeller Fusch 151

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Contact: The Hollaus family

Tel: +43 6546 6811


Hotel Römerhof ****

Zeller Fusch 77

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Contact: The Scherer family

Tel: +43 6546 218


Hotel-Restaurant Lampenhäusl ***

Zeller Fusch 15

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Contact: The Nindl family

Tel: +43 6546 215


Elto Tankstelle + Shop

Zeller Fusch 131

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße


Tel.: +43 676 841484411

Partner businesses

Pension Wenger in Bruck, Tel: +43 650 4324905
Appartement Gimpl in Fusch, Tel: +43 664 3894498


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