Natural jewel fishing area Fuscher Ache

Fly fishing between the Großglockner and Zeller See, in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park!

The Fuscher Ache rises at the foot of the Glockner massif.

The young mountain stream of 28 km length has the highest water quality and is often called the "Pearl of the Hohe Tauern".

The Fuscher Ache is managed by the VÖAFV Fuscher Ache. Among other things, the focus is on the breeding of the native brown trout. Old fish stock distinguishes the quality of the stocking. The special feature is the presence of an original strain of Donaustämmigen Bachforelle in the upper sections of the river.

The fishing section of the Fuscher Ache begins in the Käfertal, a high valley with an impressive valley head, surrounded by several 3000m peaks of the Großglocknerguppe. It continues through the Ferleitental valley with quiet river passages, rock undercutting and gravel banks, surrounded by lush meadows and beautifully situated alpine pastures. The reservoir is also located here. After the gorge, with various gullies, it flows through the two towns, Fusch and Bruck, until it finally flows into the Salzach.

Information about fishing in Salzburger Land

Webcam fishing waters on the Fuscher Ache

Our webcams provide daily updated pictures of the water quality of the Fuscher Ache.

Webcam Ferleiten in the background the Käfertal with view to the Sonnwelleck and Fuscher Karkopf

Webcam Lampenhäusl


Webcam Feriendorf Ponyhof

Fishing folder Fuscher Ache

Route overview

Fishing regulations 2024

Fly fishing waters VÖAFV-Fuscher Ache

  • Flyway:
    Entire watercourse, approx. 28 km from the origin in the Käfertal to the mouth into the Salzach.
    Allowed is without exception the fly equipment with a single hook (squeeze rehook)
  • Fishing season:
    Fuscher Ache:
    day licences 1stMarch to 31st October available from our fishing innkeepers in Bruck and Fusch -
    annual tickets from 1st March until the end of November are available from the club management.
    Käfertal from bridge Tauernhaus: 1st May to 30th September
    Ferleiten/reservoir only accessible from May - winter closure Großglockner Hochalpenstraße or note the temporary avalanche situation.
  • Daytime:
    from 06:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Day ticket purchase:
    from 16 years - only with sport fishing examination as well as valid annual card or daily or weekly guest fishing card of the Landesfischereiverband Salzburg.
    Children and youths up to 15 years of age can fish free of charge when accompanied by an adult license holder, with their fishing equipment. (1 fly rod per licensee)
  • Bait regulations:
    Allowed are dry and wet flies, nymphs and streamers with a single hook (Jamison hook or barb pressed shut).
    Käfertal from bridge Tauernhaus is streamer ban.
    The use of a bite indicator when nymph fishing is allowed.
  • Prohibitions:
    Fishing in the Sulzbach and Weichselbach streams and all tributaries of the Fuscher Ache.
    Fishing from bridges, weirs and in the area of fish ladders.

    Water ball and float as well as Czech Nymphing, i.e. no springers.
    Holding of live fish is also prohibited.
  • Caution:
    Swell operation at weirs and powerhouses.
  • Withdrawal:
    From the bridge Tauernhaus(height toll station Ferleiten) to the mouth into the Salzach may be taken per day ticket three pieces of salmonids. Taken fish are to be entered immediately in the table! For annual pass fishermen also applies a daily catch of two pieces of salmonids until the catch limit of 60 pieces in the fishing season is reached. Upon reaching the daily catch limit, fishing must cease immediately.
  • Guiding:
    Is offered by the Brucker and Fuscher Fischerwirten for their fishing guests, with prior registration with the fishing association.
    Guides must be members of the VÖAFV, and in possession of a valid day or annual pass, and have paid the levies of the Landesfischereiverband Salzburg.

    Price per hour: 30.00 EUR
    Price day guiding approx. 5 hours: 120,00 EUR
    For guiding a fee has to be paid to the fishing association, this is 5.00 EUR per hour.
  • Closed seasons an Brittel dimensions:
    Grayling: protected all year round
    Brown trout: 1st October to 28th February from 35 cm
    Brook trout and rainbow trout do not have a closed season and may be taken from 30 cm in the removal section.
    For all other fish species, the legal regulations of the State Fisheries Association apply.
  • License issue:
    Annual licenses for the Fuscher Ache are issued after payment to the club account before the annual meeting and also by the treasurer, all year round. Day tickets are available at the following points of sale:
    - Gasthof*** Zacherlbräu
    - Hotel Restaurant***Superior Lampenhäusl
    -  Hotel**** Römerhof
    - Hotel-Feriendorf**** Ponyhof


Day tickets:

Members fishing club                                         60.00 EUR
Non-members or guests                                    90.00 EUR
Guests with guest card Bruck Fusch               80.00 EUR


There are 1 and 3 day tickets whereby the rule applies:                                     
Buy 2 days and fish 3 days, but these must be fished consecutively. (Catch 3 pieces of salmonids per day and not more than 6 pieces the 3 days)
Members youth from 16 years                          45.00 EUR


Annual tickets:
Members fishing club 1.220,00 EUR (catch 60 pieces of salmonids).

Members fishing club youth from 16 to the age of 17 years 410.00 EUR (catch limit 30 pcs.)


One-time registration fee 60.00 EUR

(Women, children and youths do not pay enrollment fees)

Adults € 50.00 the membership is valid for the current calendar year

Youth from the age of 7 to the age of 17: 25.00 EUR

Postage and shipping 5.00 EUR


Prices/fees for the Landesfischereiverband Salzburg:

Annual fishing card (medium debit order) 35.00 EUR

Day guest fishing card 10.00 EUR

Weekly guest fishing card 25.00 EUR


With my signature on the fishing license I declare that I have been instructed about the fishing regulations and about any dangers, power plant operation reservoir / bear plant Fusch and the different weir controls at the weir 1 and weir 2 in Bruck or power plant Hermann & Müller and the resulting water fluctuations! I accept and comply with the fishing regulations and waive all claims for damages against the Arbeiterfischereiverein Fuscher Ache. After the end of fishing, the catch report must be filled out on the back and handed in at one of the issuing points or in the fishing license drop box at the "Walcherstau"!


Gasthof Zacherlbräu (also day ticket sales)

Fly fishing store in the house                                                        
Tel.: 06545 7242
Fishing hotline: 0699 10975201

Regulars' table on Sundays from 10:00 a.m.

Fly tying regulars' table in the winter months on Wednesdays from 19:00 hrs

For the VÖAFV Fuscher Ache

Chairman Walter Göd

Barbarastr. 5/4

A -5710 KAPRUN


Tel.: +43 664 82 85 531



We look forward to welcoming you to our fly fishing waters.

The board of the fishing club wishes a strong Petri Heil!



Transfer to Käfertal

Available on request:

In Ferleiten Wildlife & Adventure Park and

Gasthof Tauernhaus Ferleiten

Tel: +43 6546 220

Tel: +43 664 1580100



In our holiday resorts of Bruck and Fusch, between the Großglockner and Lake Zell, in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park holiday region, there are ideal accommodations that have specialised in your fishing holiday. Not only do they offer you various fishing packages, but also the catch of the day is prepared in their kitchens in a home-style, tasteful way and with lots of love.

"Petri Heil" and maybe see you soon at the Fischerwirten in Bruck and Fusch.


Tourist Information Bruck

Raiffeisenstraße 2

A-5671 Bruck Glocknerstraße

Tel: +43 6545 7295 



Gasthof Zacherlbräu ***

Glocknerstraße 14

A-5671 Bruck Glocknerstraße

Contact: Mr Thomas Huber

Tel: +43 6545 7242


Fly fishing shop in the house

Pension Wenger

Zellerstr. 35
A-5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße
Tel. +43 650 4324905



Tourist Information Fusch

Zeller Fusch 85

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Tel: +43 6545 7295



Feriendorf Ponyhof & Wellness ****

Zeller Fusch 151

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Contact: The Blaickner-Hollaus family

Tel: +43 6546 6811


Hotel Römerhof ****

Zeller Fusch 77

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Contact: family Enn-Scherer 

Tel: +43 6546 218


Hotel-Restaurant Lampenhäusl ***Superior

Zeller Fusch 15

A-5672 Fusch Glocknerstraße

Contact: The Nindl family

Tel: +43 6546 2150


Appartement Gimpl in Fusch

Embachwiesensiedlung 135
A-5672 Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße

Mobil: +43 664 4663631


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