Alpine cattle drive in BRUCK FUSCH | GROSSGLOCKNER

Where the emphasis is still very much on traditions and customs.

In September every year, the Alpine cattle drive takes place here, with the cows ending their summer on the Piffalm proceeding along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and back to their own barns at Bruck Agricultural School. In terms of tradition and custom, during the Alpine cattle drive in Bruck and Fusch the emphasis is on the animals tackling the long journey under their own steam, with the cows' heads bedecked in wonderfully crafted decorations, lovingly made by hard-working helpers.  


BRUCK FUSCH | GROSSGLOCKNER  tourist association organises a celebratory festival in conjunction with farmers and with Bruck Agricultural School, for guests and locals alike to enjoy. Visitors get to enjoy the regional farmers' market, traditional live music, lots of traditions and lovely cuisine. Meanwhile for little visitors we put together a variety-packed programme of children's events, for instance crafting autumnal kites or painting silo bales. All ages enjoy a few circuits in the noddy train too.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 16th Alpine cattle drive festival on 4th September 2021!