Hiking tours in the Bruck Fusch region

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Tips for all tours

  • No liability is assumed for the accuracy of route descriptions.
  • Use of our hiking trails with appropriate equipment (sturdy footwear, weatherproof and warm clothing, ...). 
  • You will be in the mountains and in the high mountains. Be mindful of changes in the weather and cut off your hike in the event of adverse weather.
  • Sure-footedness is required for many hikes. 
  • No liability is assumed for accidents or damages.


Valley hike to Gries

From the centre of Bruck via Raiffeisenstraße – past the train station - Westbahn underpass – bear left before Stegfeld settlement to Oberhof, follow the green signposts for the Tauern Cycle Trail. Via Niederhof - Steggütl - Sagmühle - around 1 ½ hours – possibly back via the Postbus service.

From St. Georgen to Palfen

Take the trail from St. Georgen via Heuberg, Landau and Winkel to Palfen - around 1 hour, continuing to the Hochegg, the Moosalm and the Hundstein.

From the Hochegg descent to Brandenau, on to Gries)

Valley hike from Bruck to St. Georgen and Gries

From the centre of the town of Bruck over the bridge and after taking a right, up the agricultural road to Bergen - Hundsdorf (Kinderdorf St. Anton) – the route goes downhill slightly to the main road – after around 100 m bear left via Hauserdorf and Viehhof to St. Georgen – if you continue on the road, it is around 15 minutes to Gries – head back to Bruck on the Postbus, train or via Salzach bridge - via Niederhof back to Bruck. - around 2 ½ hours.

Long circuit via Jageregg

Bruck town centre – via the Salzach bridge and to the left – opposite the pharmacy up to Knappenbichl - Gutshof Fischorn – at the junction before the Hasling (not open) bear right, and take the forest trail in the Eßreithgraben and to the Jageregg – from there a flat forested trail on the slope heads along to the Hundsbach – via the agricultural road back to Hundsdorf (Kinderdorf St. Anton) – just before the town you pass the Maria Stein chapel - back to Bruck - around 2 ½ hours


Descent via Apotheke Bruck to the Taxhof (not open) -from there continue up to the Jageregg – from there the route proceeds in a comfortable ascent up to the Höhenrücken and continues via Almböden to the Erlhofplatte (1541m) – wonderful views to the Hohe Tauern, Salzachtal, Zeller Becken and Steinernes Meer – also known as the "Pulpit of Pinzgau" - around 2 hours.

Circuit hiking trail under Jageregg

Ascent from Apotheke Bruck to the Taxhof (not open) – from there uphill to the Jageregg – superb view to the Tauernkette and to Bruck – bear right heading for Bachseit - via Bachseit down the agricultural road to Bruck - around 1 ½ hours.


Bruck town centre - across Salzach bridge and left – opposite the pharmacy, up to Knappenbichl – just before Gutshof Fischhorn – bear right and go through the forest up to the Taxhof – same route back, or via the trail - around 1 hour.

Hike to Fuschertal

From the centre of Bruck hike along the Glocknerstraße, via the bypass, then take an immediate left onto Pichldorfstraße – cross the Fuscher Ache – then take a right, with a slight climb up to Pichldorf.

After the last houses, take a right at the junction to Fuschertal, later on the "Achenweg", which goes along to Fusch - around 2 hours. You can head back on the Postbus service. 

Circuit via Kohlschnait

From the centre of the town of Bruck via Raiffeisenstraße – past the train station - Westbahn underpass - before the Stegfeld settlement, bear left to Oberhof, follow the green signposts for the Tauern Cycle Trail to Niederhof. From there, via the toboggan run up to the Kohlschanit snack station, continuing to the junction, (left to the Drei Brüder) right again, down to Pichldorf and back to the town centre. 

Along the Salzach to Kaprun

From the centre of the town of Bruck through Kaprunerstraße - under the train underpass to the right, continuing to the Salzach bridge – take a left before and bear into Neuwiesstraße – keep to the banks of the Salzach, until after 3 km you get up to the hill where Gasthof  "Zur Salzachbrücke" meets the path to Kaprun - around 2 hours. 

Brucker Berg

Hike from the centre of the town of Bruck on the Glocknerstraße to Fusch and to the Kalchangergut, take a right and follow the agricultural road to Brucker Berg to the forest boundary - numerous benches invite you to take a rest stop – particularly lovely view to the town, Schloss Fischhorn, Zeller Becken, to Unter- and Oberpinzgau and last but not least Steinernes Meer - around 2 hours 

Ameisenweg Moosalm

An adventure-packed walk in the Alpine area of the Moosalm in Gries - for families and those of you with an interest in nature.

Enjoy nature, the dreamy views to the 3000 metre summits of the Hohe Tauern region and award-winning cuisine in the Moosalm Hütte.


Hirzbach waterfalls - Nepomukweg

Rewarding walk in the surrounding area, with lovely views to the village. In the centre of Fusch bear right, follow the road to the upper section of the village, pass 'Schausägewerk Mühlauersäge' and continue across the bridge. Bear right, after that the route heads to the lower and then on to the upper waterfall.

Wasserfallweg in Ferleiten

Wasserfallweg in Ferleiten

Magnificent waterfall (Grundalm), view to the glacier bridge – waterfall adventure hike. In Ferleiten behind the „Gasthof Tauernhaus Ferleiten“ a path starts on the left hand side of the Walcher river and ascendes to the Grundalm (food served) and further on to the Hochalm.


Circuit, leisurely, sunny footpath.

Starting from the centre of Fusch, bear left right after Pension Oberreiter. Follow the road to Bad Fusch for 200 metres. Right after the bridge bear right and continue to the swimming pool. Keep left here and follow the sports facilities along the Wiesenweg trail up until Untersteinach farmsteads. From there, head down on the right to the Bärenwirt and after the  Glocknerstraße, back into the village. Or take a half-left, continuing to Obersteinach farmsteads and up to Bad Fuscher Straße. 

Fuscher altitude path

Starting from the centre of the town of Fusch walk to Hirzbach bridge in Oberdorf and follow route 725 to the Gleiwitzerhütte up to the junction. The path to the left goes slightly uphill initially, then crosses the meadow slopes to the access road to Wimmgut, via which you get back on to the Glocknerstraße.

Descent also possible via Höhe Bärenwirt, where you can return to Fusch along the Glocknerstraße or via the Römerweg. 

Fuscherachenweg, Fuscher Promenade

Flat path along the stream, promenade with lots of benches, can be extended as desired. Whether you now want to hike from the Schnablerweg route into the centre of the village, or to Bruck - both are recommended. Opposite the filling station in Fusch you cross the bridge via the Fuscher Ache and follow the path along the Ache. 


Before Fusch council offices take a right and follow the Wiesenweg to the Schnabler farmsteads. Keep left here and head up to the edge of the forest, then via twisty sections and steps, finally through a brook bed to the agricultural road to Ponyhofalm. Down toward the valley on the wide gravel path, until on the Glocknerstraße, you get back again to the Fuscher Achenweg. From here it is around 3 1//2 km back to Fusch. 

Bad Fusch

Chapel, old botanical natural monument.

Four kilometre, easy to moderate ascent, asphalt rad to Bad Fusch. Walking time a good hour. Based on the teachings of Pastor Kneipp a holistic recreation space came about here: Pavillon Augenquelle, Kneipp facilities in the Kastanienpark with sensory path in the labyrinth, viewing and meditation platform with relaxation swing, tread and arm pool. Lovely hiking trails through the high forest head up to the pool, return route via Wolfgangkapelle, continuing to Fürstenquelle with the Herzbrunnen, where the spring emerges from the mountain. All facilities invite you to enjoy an active Kneipp experience. Refreshments and hospitality services at the kiosk.

Lovely return route – via the Bichlalm with superb views to Fuschertal, to Embachkapelle or possibly via the Fuscher Höhenweg to the other side of the valley back to Fusch. 

Ferleiten - Käfertal

Ferleitental: Family hiking area, superb head of the Käfertal valley area and Rotmoostal (meadow marshland area with flora that is unique in Europe) is one of the loveliest landscapes in the Hohe Tauern. Before the cash point take a right into Ferleitental, and the public road ends at the Tauerngasthof. A narrow road now proceeds through the versatile Alpine landscape. Little forests, meadows and Alpine lodges accompany your route to the Rotmoos, which you come to after an hour. Go straight on at the first junction and at the second, keep on this side of the Fuscher Ache. The picturesque Stiegeralm can be seen on the right side of the valley. After a few fences, the route becomes stonier, narrower and climbs somewhat to the head of the valley. There is now only a section of forest separating you and views to the western Käfertal. Steep cliff faces, on which snowmelt streams own into the depths, adorn the head of the valley. You can now make your way on the relatively track-free route right into the wild and romantic Alpine valley. 


The Käfertalweg to the head of the valley – where you then cross the Ache at the second junction. Pass the Opel Dankmal and come to a route that takes you through forests in a few twisty turns up to the Trauneralm. Earlier this was a base for the Pfandlscharte – Großglockner crossings.

Schnablerweg - Vordertalweg

A few variations for the return, for the most part a flat, sunny meadow path.

Starting from Fusch village square bear right, just before the town and follow the wonderfully designed walking path to Bruck and to Schnablerbauer. On the left-hand side there is the picturesque Schnablermühle. An old wooden crucifix adorns the route. Follow the approach road up  to Schnablerbauer, and you will get to the Glocknerstraße again and will shortly be back in the village again. However, should you have more of an appetite for nature, continue following the meadow path, which provides you with a wonderful view to Fusch in the south. This path then soon takes you to the Großglocknerstraße, here too you have the option to  choose to return along the minor road.

Other routes back as an alternative to asphalt:

  • Sulzbach-Angereralm or the Vordertalweg-Fuscherachenweg.
  • Sulzbach-Angereralm: Crossing the Großglocknerstraße and the Sulzbach bridge takes you across the Ache up to the Angereralm. Here you get to enjoy the sunset and views to Fuscher Tal during a rest stop. The route now takes you down to the centre of the village (behind Raiffeisenkasse)
  • Vordertal-Fuscherachen promenade: Follow the original route back to Judendorf. Pass Vorderjudendorfbauer and you soon come to an agricultural path, that proceeds to  Außerreith (975 m). 

Sulzbachtal - Kammerer Grundalm

Very impressive views, waterfall

To the rear of the Raiffeisenbank cross the Fuscher Ache and turn left. Head up the slope for around 15 minutes, cross  a streambed and continue to Angereralm. From here, continue uphill for around an hour. At the junction, take a left to Kammereralm, Sulzbach Hochalm, Guteben, then right heading to Bichlalm, Sulzbach Grundalm. 

Sulzbach Grundalm

Superb mountain flora (Alpine rose & bilberry bushes)

The hike starts behind the Raiffeisen cashpoint. The path to the left takes you past Angereralm, Sulzbach waterfall and through a section of woodland. The right path proceeds in a few twisty bends up to Sulzbach Grundalm. From here, after an hour of walking, passing Sulzbach Hochalm, you get to the top of the Guteben (1781m). 

Bad Fusch, Weichselbachtal - Walchen Grundalm (1436 m)

After Pension Oberreiter turn off the Glocknerstraße and onto Bad Fuscher Straße, then cross the bridge. After 4 km you will come to the old spa town of Bad Fusch (1188 m). At the church, follow the Alpine path which climbs slightly. This route takes you past mineral springs and into the idyllic landscape of Weichselbachtal, with its velvety Alpine meadows, tranquil woodlands and babbling streams. At the head of the valley you come to Walcher Grundalm, from where you can head from Wegkundige to Weichselbachhöhe weather cross (2218 m) to Rauris-Wörth (6 hours). 

Wölflerweg - Ferleiten

Access point in Ferleiten, sturdy footwear definitely advisable.

Start at Embachkapelle, alternatively arrive via Fuscher Höhenweg, which merges after about 500 metres. From Wölflerbauer follow the path which proceeds steadily uphill, through a small cluster of alders to Ferleiten. On the other side of the valley you will experience the bustle of the Großglockner High Alpine Road and after walking for some 1 ½ hours via lush meadows, you will come to Ferleitental. At the Tauerngasthof bear left after the bridge to get to the wildlife park or continue on into Käfertal, Tauerngasthof, Oberstattalm, Trauneralm. 

Schmalzgruben Grundalm (1364 m)

Wonderful view to Weiselbachtal opposite.

Just before the old toll area on the Grossglocknerstraße, a path branches off  to the right to Wimmgut. You can drive to the area managed by Großglocknerhochalpenstraße AG, walk along Fuscher altitude path or along the Großglocknerstraße. From Wimmgut, an Alpine path takes you through the high forest up to Schmalzgruben Grundalm in 1 ½ hours. 


Moosalm - Hundstein

From Gries you can either walk or drive to Grieser Graben – after the road block area (car park) bear left on the agricultural road up to Moosalm - around 2 hours. The Moosalm can be the starting point for other hikes – via the steep path, you come to a junction:

To the left, the path goes to a unique, secluded Adam and Eve Lake, go further and on route 444 – you can either bear left to Bruck or Zell am See (Thumersbach) or bear right and continue walking to the Hundstein.

To the right you get up on to a ridge, which proceeds along agricultural road 444, with the Hundstein then in your line of sight.

Hoher Hundstein

Ascent from Apotheke Bruck to the Taxhof – from there continue uphill to the Jageregg – from there the route continues in a comfortable ascent on the ridge and continues via Alpine pastures to Erlhofplatte (1541m) – wonderful views to the Hohe Tauern, Salzachtal, Zeller Becken and Steinernes Meer – continue via a lovely forest trail that climbs slightly – past the Hahneckkogel (1874 m) and the Ochsenkopf (1994m) to the Hundstein (2117m) - Statzerhaus is open from April through to October – the most wonderful panoramic views to Bruck and the Hohe and Niedere Tauern, Steinernes Meer and the Loferer Steinberge - 5 to 6 hours.

Via Tödlingalm to the Ochsenkopf and the Hundstein

From Gries you can walk or drive to Grieser Graben - after the road block area (car park) bear left on the agricultural road up to Moosalm - around 2 hours.  At the junction bear right on to route 443 via Grundalm to Tödling Hochalm (Alpine dairy) – there are two options from there – either bear left to the Ochsenkopf (1994 m, continuing to the Hundstein) or right via Hundsteinsee to the  Hundstein (Statzerhaus) - approx. 3 ½ hours.

Drei Brüder

There are various routes which take you to the foot of the Drei Brüder.

The ridge hike across the Drei Brüder starts beneath the summit, on which you cross the Stolzkopf (2139 m), Schaflkopf (2264 m) and the Breitkopf (2259m).

Please note: Surefootedness and a head for heights are needed to cross the ridge on a long-distance hike.


Ascent from Pichldorf/Niederhof to the Drei Brüder

The ascent proceeds from Pichldorf or Niederhof – passing the Kohlschnait snack station, climb on route 736 to Pichlkampen (1422m) – to Jagdhütte "Neubrünn", passing the mountain ridge "Auf der Scheib´n" – bear left there to get to Heubergalm – just before the Alpine pasture, bear right, up to the Heubergscharte, on path 730, around 5-6 hours.


Ascent from Sägewerk Heimhofer to the Drei Brüder 

From Sägewerk Heimhofer is the shortest route, via Unterreit, Oberreit and Kösslrieß on a shaded Alpine path to the Erlhofalm. Beneath the Schinderköpfe climb on the wind gap between Breitkopf and Schaflkopf, from there is just a few steps up to the summit - around 5 - 6 hours. 


On Brucker Berg initially (away from Bruck) up to the Hahneck (1300m) – passing Schreckkogel (1836 m) to the east, you come to Wachtbergalm (Bäckenanderlalm) - 3 to 4 hours. From Wachtbergalm climb to the Türchelkogel (2136 m), continue on mountain path 723, which leads up from Kaprun, along the ridge to the Imbachhorn (2470m) – another 3 hours from Bäckenanderlalm. 


Starting point is Bäckananderlalm – cross the west slope of the Roßkogel (2152 m) via the Hirzbachhöhe – past Brandlsee – via the east slope of the Messerfeldkogel (2442 m) you come to Gleiwitzerhütte (2174m), open in the summer)- another 3 to 4 hours from Bäckenanderlalm.

An ideal starting point into the Hohe Tauern to, for instance, the Hoher Tenn (3368m), Großes Wiesbachhorn (3564m)

All tours are intended for experienced climbers, who have Alpine experience.

From the centre of Bruck, hike along the Glocknerstraße, via the bypass, then take an immediate left onto Pichldorfstraße – via Fuscherache – then right, climbing slightly up to Pichldorf. After the last few houses, at the junction head right to Fuschertal, then the "Achenweg" proceeds to Fusch - around 2 hours – you can head back on the Postbus service.


Schwarzkopf (2764m)

One of the loveliest viewing mountains in the Glockner range.

Impressive summit views to the Glockner and Sonnblick ranges, from the Limestone Alps to the Wilder Kaiser and Dachstein.

Starting point is Bad Fusch, from where you can get directly to Embach Grundalm, an elongated building, leaving the wide path. A narrow mountain path proceeds up to the derelict Rieger Hochalm, via forest glades and high forest areas. The Grünkar Scharte is accessed via fields of Alpine rose, fosses and scree. From here a ridge proceeds steeply up to the summit. 

Schwarzenberghütte (2269m)

The impressive high mountain landscape of the Großes Wiesbachhorn and the Hohe Dock surrounds this inn, from which there is an uplifting view into Ferleiten Tal. The Edelweißspitze, Brennkogel, Fuscherkarkopf and Sonnenwelleck are within your grasp. Base for various high mountain tours.
Starting point is the Tauerngasthof in Ferleiten, from where the path proceeds up to the Vögei Alm, the first Alpine inn to the right edge of the forest. Behind the inn a well-signposted steep path begins, where, after glacial streams, twisty bends take you to the Bockeneialpe, heading in loop sections up to Käferleiten, past Mainzer waterfall, you come to the former Mainzerhütte, crossing rocky and grassy slopes. 

Imbachhorn (2470m)

Expansive views to Zeller Becken.

Starting point is Gleiwitzerhütte. From here, a path proceeds north to the Brandlscharte (2371m) and from here it is around 30 minutes to the summit. 

For a different descent – head via Bäckenanderl Alm to Judendorf.

Gleiwitzerhütte (2174m)

Popular and rewarding mountain tour. Base for scaling the Imbachhorn and the Hohe Tenns, superb views to the rocky and ice-packed regions (open in the summer).

The access point is in Oberdorf at Sägewerk Fusch. Bear left here and cross the Hirzbach. To the right, a path takes you into the alpine valley. After tackling the rocky gorge you cross the stream via the Sackzieh bridge and come to the Hirzbachalm through flower-filled slopes, in lots of twisty roads up to Gleiwitzerhütte. 


Impressive view into Fuscher Tal and to the Hohe Tauern.

Behind the Raiffeisen cash point in Fusch follow the path across the bridge and continue up to the left. Behind the old snack station, a steep mountain path heads through the woodlands to the derelict Entalalm. Via this rock-strewn Alpine area you come to the summit of the mountain. Descent possible via Sulzbach. 

Sulzbachtal - Kreuzköpfl (2095m)

Day tour, lovely viewing mountain, summit cross put up by the 'Kamaradschaftsbund'  to remember the people from Fusch who lost their lives in the war.

Ascent to the Kammerer Grundalm, continuing to the Hochalm, using the right valley path section. The signposts take you via mountain slopes to the summit of the Kreuzköpfl. Descent via the Kasereck to Bad Fusch. 

Bad Fusch - Kasereck - Kreuzköpfl

Rewarding, Kasereck, unobstructed views to Fuscher Tal and the Großglockner.

After an ascent to the traditional spa town of Bad Fusch, a path – just before the bridge opposite Trafostation – takes you behind the fence to the Kreuzköpfl. Through the area of young trees, follow the path up to the wide forest linking route. Cross this and hike via steep mountain meadows, past an area where you can feed the animals in their wild setting, up to the Kasereck (1588m). You can also follow the forest trail to get here. From the Kasereck a grassy ridge proceeds in an easterly direction, up to the Kreuzköpfl. 

Embach Hochalm

One of the loveliest Alpine lodges, which has retained its original style, the final steep bend is a favourable viewing point to Fuscher Tal, Bruck and Zeller See, with the Limestone Alps and the Slate Alps in the background. 

From Bad Fusch hike past the lovely Alpine trail to the Augenquelle and the church through a gateway. After a steep bend, the valley widens at Kalchanger, the route branches off to the right and takes you on a short section through the mountain forest. 


We definitely recommend that you consult an Alpine Association map or a mountain guide.

No liability is assumed for the accuracy of any route descriptions. Appropriate equipment is obligatory. Please be aware of changes in weather conditions and abort your hike in the event of poor weather conditions.

Brennkogel 3018m

The most easterly of the three-thousand metre mountains in the Fusch district, really lovely mountain with expansive views to the Seidlwinkltal and further on into Styria and the Salzkammergut. Ascent from Großglockner Elendboden, Brennkogelscharte, from Hochtor or from Fuschertörl.

Walking time: 2 ½ hours

Kloben 2938m

Very well-known as a ski touring area, taxi cable car service in the spring, avalanches.

Descent from Fuschertörl via Brennkogelkees. 

Walking time: 2 ½ hours. 

Fuscherkarkopf 3336m

Head of the valley from Ferleiten, the most beautiful panoramic views to the northern Glockner area.

Ascent from Franz-Josefs-Höhe via Gamsgrube and the south-west ridge or from the Gamsgrube via Wasserfallwinkel and the NW ridge.

Walking time: 4 -5 hours 

Sonnenwelleck 3266m

Ascent from Glocknerhaus via Obere Pfandlscharte or via Fuscherkarkopf.

Walking time: 4 hours. 

Hohe Dock 3348m

Beautiful views, trapezium-shaped rocks to the west of the Schwarzenberghütte.

Ascent from Schwarzenberghütte, Remscharte view the south-east ridge or via Hochgruber-Dockscharte.

Walking time: 4 hours

Großes Wiesbachhorn 3564m

Highest summit in Fusch, east face – highest direct access to the East Alps!

Ascent from Kaprun/Mooserboden via Kaindlgrat or Schwarzenberghütte via Hochgruber-Wielingerscharte, or from Franz-Josefs-Höhe via Keil-Wielingerscharte.

Walking time: 5 hours

Hoher Tenn 3368m

Fusch's local mountain, highest summit to the north of the Wiesbachhorn.

Ascent from Gleiwitzerhütte via Bauernbrachkopf or from Walcher Hochalm via Zwingköpfl.

Walking time: 4 - 5 hours 

Großglockner 3798m

Highest summit in Austria, unforgettable panoramic views.

Ascent from Franz-Josefs-Höhe via Pasterze and Erzherzog Johann Hütte or from Schwarzberghütte via Oberwalderhütte (glacier route) Pfandlscharte via Erzherzog Johann-Hütte.

Walking time: 8 - 9 hours.