Waterfalls, lakes and Kneipp facilities in Bruck Fusch

Enjoy an adventure-packed holiday in an impressive mountain setting.

In our holiday region of Bruck Fusch nature is clearly to the fore. The element water accompanies you with each and every step you take.  There are plenty of relaxing excursions on the water available to you here. Let the sun shine on your skin and listen to nothing other than the gentle babbling of the water. Hike to turquoise mountain lakes, thundering waterfalls, along crystal-clear mountain streams and rivers, or to one of the many Kneipp facilities. Immerse yourself in nature and let the invigorating effect of the crystal clear babbling mountain water wash over you. The main facilities are located in Bad Fusch, a former spa town in a mysterious Alpine valley. Water sources to aid various indications feed the old and recently set-up Kneipp pools. Stretch your feet in the ice cold water, let the fresh mountain air blow around your face, discover relaxation and joie de vivre.

Kneipp facilities & snack station in Bad Fusch

From Fusch hike on the 'Badstraße' for around an hour, ascending slightly to reach Weichselbachtal, when you then come to the previously renowned altitude spa town of Bad Fusch (1188m). The "Bad in der Fusch" was known about by the people of Pinzgau even in the 15th century and proved very popular. One great proponent and benefactor was the Salzburg prince-archbishop Friedrich Schwarzenberg, after whom the strongest source, the "Fürstenquelle", takes its name. He visited the spa town regularly between 1829 and 1843 and owned a house here.

Of the eleven healing springs, the Fürstenquelle, which is the most abundant, the Augenquelle and the Leberbründl are worthy of note too. They contain minerals, including sodium sulphate, magnesium carbonate and silicic acid, are rich in natural carbon dioxide and have a constant temperature of around 6.2 degrees Celsius. The water has a refreshing and invigorating effect. The water stimulates millions of nerves on your skin, creating a positive reaction within the body. Your appetite is stimulated, digestion and circulation enhanced and nervous system strengthened. Drinking the water, baths and the altitude air yield this healing effect.

Today the former spa town is a popular excursion destination with locals and holidaymakers alike since it is isolated from the rest of the world and has a lovely landscape.

Various pools with invigorating Kneipp treatments, a small mountain lake, a thundering waterfall, short forest hiking path, on which the area can be explored so well, a natural maze and a play area for all ages, the 'Fühl dich frei' viewing platform with relaxation swing, invite you to relax and enjoy yourself in Bad Fusch.


In the snack station in Bad Fusch you will be indulged with traditional and home-made dishes, created using produce from surrounding farms, along with cool drinks. Contemporary Kneipp facilities, unbelievable views to the surrounding mountains and a children's' playground invite you to take a break for a while. A variety-packed weekly programme is provided, so too are Yoga courses, painting courses, guided hikes, a boot camp and of course activities for our little guests too. 

And not forgetting that Sunday is barbecue rib day



Kneipp facility in Käfertal

There is an impressive Kneipp facility on the Nature Adventure Trail in Käfertal, with a small mountain lake and crystal-clear tributaries. Enjoy your Kneipp treatment along with views to six, three-thousand metre mountains in the Glockner group and let the enchanting natural surroundings take effect.

For the children there is a play area with sand and water, along with a spider's cave, the 'Hexenhaus', hidden water channels and a bird observation tower. Next to the play area, the educational nature trail invites you to head out on a thirty minute stroll – explore this special conservation of larch woodland together with your little ones.

A hike to the waterfalls in Fusch and in the Käfertal, with their ion showers, provides additional well-being for your lungs. Enjoy a day in complete tranquillity, away from the tourist throng. Close your eyes, let your thoughts wander, think of nothing, just be in the here and now and be invigorated by the gentle waters from the waterfall.

'Nepomuk's Path of the Senses'

Nepomuk's Path of the Senses begins in Fusch town centre, from the tourist information office.

It passes the 'Five Pillars of Kneipp', continuing through the idyllic Isidor Griessner Park. The highlight is crossing the bridge at Hirzbach Waterfall. At the foot of the waterfall, lounges tempt to stop for a while and breathe in the water ions. The finish point is 'Holz- und Schausägewerk Mühlauersäge' with its wood museum and information about Bad Fusch. Enjoy an unforgettable day, with wonderful views of our holiday village of Fusch.