General information about Covid-19

Travel advice for your safe vacation in BRUCK FUSCH | GROSSGLOCKNER at a glance.

COVID-19 - The current regulations

Covid-19 affects our lives worldwide and brings constant changes.
We support the measures taken by the Austrian government and provide an overview of the current measures in place: 

Lockdown since 22.11.2021

Of course, the current situation hurts us in tourism and we would have wished for a different start to the winter season. With the lockdown and the simultaneously announced end on December 12, there is a clear perspective for our tourism businesses. We expect to be able to reopen our hotels and restaurants, ski huts and stores to guests from 13 December - and we are already looking forward to this.


The "curfew" will be in effect all day (0-24). Leaving one's own private living area and staying outside one's own private living area is now generally only permitted for specific purposes (grocery shopping, walk...)


Entry bans for business premises:

Food service establishments, lodging establishments, recreational and cultural facilities, and sports facilities may generally no longer be entered (with a few exceptions).

Commercial establishments may also no longer be entered, with a few exceptions that serve to meet daily needs. Therefore, the following in particular remain open:

Pharmacies, grocery stores, drugstores and drugstores, sale of medical products and sanitary articles, remedies and aids, health and nursing services, services for people with disabilities, sale of pet food, gas stations, banks, car repair shops, etc.

Extension of FFP2 mask obligation: FFP2 mask obligation applies again in all closed rooms.


Attendance at gatherings or events is also generally prohibited (with a few exceptions such as funerals).

Vaccination offensive and mandatory vaccination:

A general nationwide vaccination requirement is to apply no later than February 1, 2022. A draft law will be prepared as soon as possible in this regard.  


All information about testing opportunities in our region can be found here:

Testing Opportunities

  • After 13.12 theres a lockdown for the unvaccinated. Wherever the 3G rule currently applied, the 2G rule (fully vaccinated = valid for 9 months from the date of the second vaccination or from any further vaccination / recovered = proof of having survived a Sars-Cov-2 infection within the last 180 days from recovery) will be introduced (exception: the 3G rule remains in place at the workplace):
    • Gastronomy and night catering - incl. registration obligation if the stay lasts longer than 15 minutes
    • Hotel business
    • mountain railroads 
    • body-related service providers
    • theaters, cinemas, variety theaters, cabarets, concert halls and arenas
    • Events and gatherings of 25 persons or more
  • A transitional period of four weeks will apply to the 2G detection, i.e. during this period a vaccination with PCR test will already be considered as proof - thus full immunization is not required during the transitional period.
  • Children up to the age of 12 are exempt from the G detection requirement and do not need to present a test result. Children and youths between 13 and 15 years of age: The Austrian Ninja Pass of the schools will be equal to the 2-G-proof. Youth 16 and older must have 2-G proof. 
  • Cable cars: 2G also applies to lifts and cable cars. This will be checked at ticket sales. In the case of multi-day and season tickets, ski passes are only activated for the period of validity of the respective proof. In addition, the FFP2 mask obligation applies. 
  • Christmas markets: In addition to a 2 G proof, the wearing of a FFP2 mask is obligatory. On-site cosumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted. 
  • There is no minimum distance to non-household persons, we still ask you to keep your distance.

Comprehensive 2G obligation

The 2G rule (Vaccinated/Genese) will be introduced as of 13.12. (Exception: at the workplace the 3G rule will remain in place):

  • Gastronomy and night catering
  • Hotels
  • Body-related service providers
  • Theaters, cinemas, variety theaters, cabarets, concert halls and arenas
  • Events and gatherings of 25 or more people
  • The validity of vaccination certificates is reduced from twelve to nine months.
  • The 3G rule applies in the workplace, with the expansion of PCR testing capacities being pushed to replace antigen tests with PCR tests throughout Austria.
  • The high-incidence decree and thus exit controls are dropped

Extension of the FFP2 mask obligation

FFP2 masks mandatory for all persons in all trade, libraries and museums.

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, the federal government has announced a new phased plan that went into effect on September 15, 2021. Intensive care unit (ICU) bed occupancy will replace 7-day incidence as the leading indicator for situation assessment. Reaching a certain occupancy level will be linked to certain further measures. Based on current figures, the federal government has brought forward Stage 5. 


Stay in Austria

After a stay in Austria, return travelers to Germany must comply with the following measures since November 14:

  • ALL persons (regardless of age) must register online before returning to Germany: Digital Entry Registration
  • All persons 12 years of age and older need 3G proof to travel back to Germany from Austria:
    • Vaccinated
    • Convalescent
    • Antigen rapid test (24 hours) or PCR test (72 hours) à Observe quarantine regulations
  • No quarantine obligation for vaccinated and recovered persons: For this, the vaccination or convalescent certificate must be uploaded via the entry portal before the return journey.
  • Quarantine obligation for non-vaccinated and recovered persons: Termination of quarantine possible at the earliest after five days after entry (transmission of the negative test result to the health office).
  • Quarantine obligation for children under 12 years of age: Children under 12 years of age do not need 3G proof for the return journey, however, at the current status they must automatically enter quarantine for five days after entry from Austria. Currently, efforts are underway to obtain relief for this provision.

Entry to Austria

Travel warning Germany

We are very much looking forward to welcoming guests to SalzburgerLand again as of December 13. From this date, the 2G rule in tourism, which was already decided at the beginning of November, will apply.

The travel warning from Germany - should it remain in effect until then - will therefore have no direct impact on vaccinated and recovered persons. This is because the 2G rule is hardly any different from the regulations that apply to German holidaymakers on their return journey. For vaccinated and recovered persons, a winter vacation continues to be possible without restrictions.


Covid-19 Winter-rules

We are very pleased that the winter season can take place.
Your safety is close to our hearts, so the following planned measures for the winter:

Gastronomy and accommodation

  • The 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) applies in catering and accommodation establishments.
  • For the protection of employees and guests, testing program "Safe hospitality" is extended (PCR tests 1xweek).

Cable cars

  • Level 1-5: Wearing an FFP2 mask in enclosed or coverable means of transport (gondolas, cabins, coverable chairlifts) and in enclosed rooms of the associated stations.
    From the start of the season November 15, 2021, introduction of the 2G rule:
     + 2G proof to be checked during ticket sales
     + If ticket issuance is carried out by third parties (travel agencies, hotels, group organizers, schools, etc.), the operator complies with its control
        obligation if it ensures that the control is carried out by the third party at the issuing point.
     + In the case of multi-day and season tickets, the ski passes will only be activated for the period of validity of the respective proof.
     + If multi-day and season tickets were already sold before the entry into force of this ordinance, the control obligation is in any case fulfilled if, for
        example, the card is blocked and the 2G proof is checked in the course of the renewed activation.

  • For the obligation to transport in case of non-compliance with the prescribed measures, please refer to the circular of the supreme cableway authority.


  • In general, the same rules apply to après-ski as to nighttime catering.
  • Municipalities are also to be able to adopt stricter measures in the future, such as reduced curfew hours and break curfew hours.

Advent and Christmas markets

  • The good news is: Christmas markets will be able to take place this year!
  • For Advent and Christmas markets as occasional markets and not just pure commodity markets, a 2-G permit is required for access.
  • Here, too, the control obligations should not be overstretched.
  • The obligation of the person responsible for the occasional market to carry out a 2G check is fulfilled if this takes place on the occasion of a tape issue at defined checkpoints outside or inside the market area.
  • Tape issue instead of fencing is now introduced as an option. I.e.: Tape issue at defined control points outside or inside the market area.
  • Random checks are planned.

Links to detailed information

Regional information is provided by the state of Salzburg at: Corona Information Page of the Province of Salzburg. The Austrian Ministry of Health provides information on the current situation in Austria on its official corona virus information page, as does the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. The Austrian Tourist Board has also prepared all important information clearly for you.


The health of our guests, employees and the population has absolute priority in these challenging times. We support the measures of the federal government to protect our fellow human beings in the best possible way.


We look forward to welcoming you soon in our beautiful region in the middle of the SalzburgerLand. 
Stay healthy!